Old Tennessee Trail Yard Sale





Scour the Old Tennessee Trail (OTT) for hidden gems.

84 Miles of the Old Tennessee Trail, 8am - Dusk.


The Old Tennessee Trail launched by the State of Tennessee in November 2009 was an incredible way to rejuvenate interest in Tennessee’s back roads.  The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development put together a list of attractions along the route, with well over 100 attractions to provide enjoyment for the family on a normal day.  Now the Trail will offer even more with a yard sale that will entice treasure hunters making “one man’s junk another man’s treasure.”  Whether it’s majestic hills popping with gold, orange and red, pristine creeks, settler to soldier history, grass roots music or arts and crafts, there are many opportunities to enjoy the beauty and culture along the Old Tennessee Trail.


Antiques, furniture, fresh garden produce, farm implements, glassware, plus other collectibles will certainly tantalize the average American picker looking for a great find. 

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